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Planning a chimney renovation? When your chimney is in a bad condition, problems can occur on the roof. Think of leaks, but also a fire in the chimney is part of the scenarios. To avoid such inconveniences, it is advisable to periodically have a free roof inspection performed so that the condition of the chimney is examined. Defects are thus detected at an early stage.

Due to the extreme weather in the Netherlands, the condition of your chimney can deteriorate. During a chimney inspection, problems can be noticed. With a chimney repair or chimney renovation, we bring the chimney back to perfect condition. That way leaks and other inconveniences will not stand a chance.

Schedule a chimney inspection? With us, it costs you nothing at all.

Chimney renovation

Regularly having the chimney flue cleaned by a chimney sweep is important to maintain the duct in a good condition. Has the flue unexpectedly ended up in a bad condition and does a thorough cleaning no longer help? Don’t panic. As roofing experts, we can replace the flue with an RVS-type.

The chimney crown can also be damaged by the weather and wind. Joints become porous, and the bricks can shift and even crack. At VIP DAKSERVICE we do not turn our back on this. We will rebuild the chimney crown to make it looks new again. Leaks in the chimney? With a chimney renovation, you solve them and prevent them.

Roofer and chimney specialist

As chimney specialists, we work in a large part of the Netherlands. Do you live in Noord-Brabant, Noord-Limburg, Flevoland, Utrecht, Zuid-Holland or Noord-Holland? Please contact us. Our roof specialists are happy to come to you to issue a free roof inspection with free advice.

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Would you like to know more about having a chimney renovation carried out? Or do you have a question about one of our other services? Please contact us. We are happy to give you advice based on your situation – without obligation.

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In addition to having your chimney renovated, you can also contact us for roof repair, roof renovation, roof insulation, and ridge frost renovation.

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