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Does your roof need maintenance, suspect a leak or want your roof completely redone? Then get in touch with VIP Dakservice. We are a team of several roofers with a wealth of experience, with which we also solve the problems on your roof in no time.




Baronieweg 6d, 5321 JW Hedel


At VIP Dakservice, we follow a standard process for all of our projects. This not only works well for us, but we also receive very positive feedback from our customers.

Our process is as follows:


1. Free roof inspection

We will perform a free roof inspection to identify any problems. We will also take pictures to get a good understanding of the required work. We can often perform small repairs immediately.

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1a. View options on-site in Hedel

Do you need to partially or completely renovate your roof? Then you are probably curious about the possibilities and how it could potentially look. You are welcome to come and see everything with your own eyes at our location in Hedel.

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2. Quote

Based on the roof inspection, we will provide advice on what needs to be done on your roof. You will receive a personal quote that will give you an immediate overview of the costs.

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3. Schedule job

Is the quote approved? If so, let’s review our calendars and schedule a date to finalize the work.


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4. Perform job

It’s time to get to work! We will climb onto your roof to repair the rest of your roof.



5. Evaluation

After the completion of the work, we would like to meet again to discuss the entire process.

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VIP Dakservice