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Free Inspection

Would you like to have a free roof inspection? At VIP DAKSERVICE we recommend that you do this annually. With a roof inspection, you will avoid unpleasant surprises such as roof leaks and the associated costs.

Inspecting the roof for damage and any starting leaks: It is our specialty at VIP DAKSERVICE. As true roof professionals, we know exactly what to look for during an inspection, even the smallest defects are not overlooked. After an inspection, we will give you recommendations without obligation. Would you like to know more about having a free roof inspection or do you have more questions? Please contact us.

Why do you need a roof inspection?

Having a roof inspection performed periodically brings several advantages. Due to the fickle weather in the country, wear and tear can occur on the roof, causing leaks and other defects in the long term. This can cause collateral damage both indoors and outdoors, that runs high in the papers. During a free roof inspection, the current condition of the roof, roof tiles, and chimney is carefully checked. In this way, any defects can be noticed and repaired in time. By doing such checks and minor repairs, you will prevent unnecessary costly repairs and/or renovations.

Roof repair and roof renovation

At VIP DAKSERVICE we are specialized in roof repairs and roof renovations. You can also contact us for the replacement of (parts) the roof. However, we want to prevent this type of costly action with a roof inspection by identifying and resolving weaknesses and defects in time.

Cost of roof inspection

How much does a roof inspection cost? At VIP DAKSERVICE we provide free service. Have your roof inspected annually free of charge and thus prevent unexpected costs and unpleasant leaks and damages.

Would you like to know more about having a free roof inspection on your home? Do you have questions about one of our other services, such as roof repair, roof renovation, chimney repair, or roof insulation? Please contact us immediately. Our specialists are happy to listen to your wishes and give free advice.

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