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Roof Inspection

Regular maintenance of your roof to detect problems early

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It ensures that your home is protected from various weather conditions. So it is important to make sure your roof stays in optimal condition and that leaks and other problems are prevented as much as possible. Therefore, it is recommended that a roof inspection be performed once a year. At VIP Dakservice, we offer this service free of charge, to emphasize once again how important it is to have your roof checked regularly.


What is roof inspection?

A roof inspection of a flat roof or a sloping roof is the process of a roofer going up on the roof to check for defects. This includes not only looking for damage, but also paying attention to weak areas of the roof and whether other problems could arise in the future.

Roof inspection involves looking at the entire roof surface, roofing, gutters, chimney and drainage.

A free roof inspection

Need a free roof inspection done? At VIP DAKSERVICE we recommend that you do this annually. A roof inspection prevents unpleasant surprises, such as roof leaks and the associated costs.

Inspecting the roof for damage and possible incipient leaks: at VIP DAKSERVICE it is one of our specialties. As true roof professionals, we know exactly what to look for during an inspection so that even the smallest defects are not overlooked. After carrying out an inspection, we will provide a no-obligation advice. Would you like to learn more about having a free roof inspection performed or do you have another question? Then please contact us.

Making a appointment

Why perform roof inspection?

detectie problemen

1. Early detection of problems

With a roof inspection, we are often able to identify any problems early on, before they grow into major and costly damage with potentially other consequences.

Bescherming tegen lekkages

2. Protection against leaks

Leaks are relatively common with roofs. It is one of the problems we encounter most often. Because we look for weak spots in the roof, roofing or missing tiles during roof inspections, we can prevent leaks in many cases.

Levensduur dak verlengen

3. Extend roof life

By having your roof inspected regularly and having weak spots and minor problems addressed and repaired immediately, you significantly extend the life of your roof. A roof that is properly maintained will stay in good condition longer and therefore save you money in the long run!

Plan van aanpak

4. Plan of action based on our advice

If you are planning to take care of your roof, you can easily determine the priorities based on the advice of VIP Dakservice. What should be started and what can possibly be postponed to a later date?

Cost of roof inspection

At VIP Dakservice, we offer free roof inspections. We work from our passion and believe it is important for roofs to be properly maintained. Prevention is always better than cure!

In practice, we notice that roof inspection is often skimped on or infrequently performed because of the price tag involved. That is why we offer a free, independent roof inspection from VIP Dakservice. That way, we can properly maintain your roof and significantly extend the life of your roof.

How often to have roof inspection done?

How often you need a roof inspection depends on several factors. Some roofs simply have more to endure than others. The environment where your house is located affects the recommended frequency. If your house is located in a wooded area and your roof often comes into contact with branches and leaves, then the recommendation is to have a roof inspection twice a year. If you live in an urban area where your roof is less affected by branches, leaves and other natural influences, then once a year or perhaps once every two years would be sufficient.


Preventing a roof leak 

We at VIP Dakservice regularly get asked how best to prevent a roof leak. The answer is simple – although not 100 percent waterproof. Have a roof inspection periodically so that loose tiles, shifted ridge forks and porous cement are identified in a timely manner. A loose roof tile can allow water to pass through and cause major damage to your home. After the professional roof inspection, we will give you a no-obligation recommendation, after which you decide whether to have roof repair done.

Due to extreme weather conditions, a leak can always occur unexpectedly. However, with a roof inspection you reduce the chance of this happening many times over.

Doing your own roof inspection

While we would not recommend always performing roof inspection yourself, it is of course possible to regularly check your roof yourself. When in doubt, it is always wise to have a professional from VIP Dakservice look over your roof with you for an independent roof inspection.

Here are some steps to get you started with inspecting your own roof:

  • Check for visible signs of damage, such as loose or missing shingles, a crack in the roofing or a sagging roof.
  • Look for clogs in your gutters and make sure water can flow easily through your gutters. In the fall, when all the leaves fall from the trees, we often get a lot of calls from people who are suffering from moisture. So this can be due to a lot of leaves in your gutters.
  • Inspect any roof penetrations and make sure they are properly sealed and undamaged.

Difference flat roof and pitched roof in roof inspection

With roof inspection, it also makes a difference whether you have a flat roof or a pitched roof. Not in the cost, but in the method and weaknesses.

In general, flat roofs have more to endure than sloped roofs. This is because on flat roofs, various things that fall from the sky remain longer: rain, snow, (damp) leaves, you name it.

In addition, the roofing on a flat roof is often different than on a pitched roof as well. Pitched roofs are often covered with tiles or thatch, where a flat roof is often covered with bitumen. With a pitched roof, we pay particular attention during roof inspection to whether there are any bald spots caused by shifted tiles, and with a flat roof, we pay particular attention to whether there are weak spots in the bitumen caused by long-term pollution.


Why roofing contractor VIP Dakservice for roof inspections?

Roofing contractor VIP Dakservice is distinguished by experience, expertise and service. We have installed and renovated thousands of roofs and done many more inspections. Getting a roof inspection done by VIP Dakservice is a good idea for several reasons:


Having a roof inspection performed at VIP Dakservice is free of charge


Completely independent roof inspection


We have various techniques and machines at our disposal to detect leaks


Always honest advice


Highest customer satisfaction in the region

Would you like an independent roof inspection performed by VIP Dakservice? Then get in touch and make an appointment!

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