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Nokvorst renovation

Have you done a ridge renovation? At VIP DAKSERVICE we renovate the ridge frosts on the roof to prevent roof leaks. Is your ridge frosts currently in good condition? Then a ridge frost repair may be sufficient. Are the ridge frosts loose or do you see something else odd? Please contact us as soon as possible. Small defects can often be solved quickly. If you wait too long, you may have to deal with roof leaks that can cause damage both indoors and outdoors.

Prevent a roof leak? In case of loose or damaged ridge frosts, please contact us immediately.

Damaged ridge frosts

The rainy climate in the Netherlands means that the cement that holds the ridge frosts in place eventually becomes porous. This can cause the ridge frosts to shift, after which any leaks occur. Incredibly annoying.

During a ridge renovation, we check the current state of the ridge frosts, after which we remove weak cement. After this, a new layer of cement is applied professionally. If necessary, a new equestrian role will also be applied. On this waterproof roll, the ridge frosts are attached. This innovative system ensures that moisture pulls away faster, reducing the risk of leaks. In addition, the ventral damaged ridge frosts are replaced by new ones. Are you dealing with a roof leak? Broken ridge frosts can be the culprit. Do you want to know for sure? Then schedule a free roof inspection.

Roof specialist and chimney specialist

In addition to having work done on the roof, you can also contact us for chimney repairs and renovations. In addition, it does not matter to us whether your home has a flat roof or a sloping roof. Our roofing specialists are all aware of the latest developments and do not turn their back on any roof – or roofing material. VIP DAKSERVICE works as a roofer in North Brabant, North Holland, South Holland, Flevoland, Utrecht and North Limburg. From Amsterdam to Rotterdam and from Den Bosch to Utrecht; you will meet our specialists in a large part of the Netherlands.

More information

Would you like to know more about having a ridge renovation? Or do you have a question about one of our other services, such as a free roof inspection, roof renovation, roof repair, or roof insulation? We are happy to tell you more about it – without obligation.

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