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Have the roof insulated

Has your roof insulation been installed?  Making your home more sustainable is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. By having roof insulation installed, you regulate the temperature in the house more easily, which increases your living comfort. Are you thinking about insulating your roof? Smart. With a well-insulated roof, you not only save on heating costs but also emit less CO2. If you find installing the roof sound interesting but still have some questions, we are happy to answer them.

Advantages of roof insulation

With a well-insulated roof, heating costs decrease immediately. The heat is retained significantly better and thus prevents any heat loss. In addition, you also benefit from roof insulation in the summer months as it ensures that your home remains wonderfully cool. This way you live more sustainably, save on heating costs and are warmer. Applying roof insulation? An absolute added value.

Costs of roof insulation

What does roof insulation cost? It is often thought that having roof insulation installed is a costly affair. However, the government wants to promote the insulation of the roof using subsidies. Do you own your own home? Contact your municipality to find out more about the subsidy related to roof insulation.

Want to know what the costs for roof insulation are? We are happy to visit you to make a free quote.

Insulating flat roof

At VIP DAKSERVICE we conduct roof insulations on both flat roofs and sloping roofs. We are specialized in all types of roofs and roofing, so we will never be faced with a surprise.

Before we get started with insulating the roof, we carry out a thorough roof inspection in which the condition is checked. During such an inspection, any defects – such as loose roof tiles – are noticed and remedied. After this, the roof insulation can be installed.

More information on roof insulation

Would you like to know more about having roof insulation installed? Or do you have a question about one of our other services? Please feel free to contact us. Our chimney and roof specialists are happy to help you and give you advice upon your requests.

In addition to insulating the roof, you can also contact us for roof repair, roof renovation, chimney renovation, and ridge renovation.

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