Roof leak


Roof Leak

Urgent insight into the solution for your roof leakage

Have you discovered a leak in your roof? If so, you probably want it repaired as soon as possible. At VIP Dakservice we carry out a free roof inspection as soon as possible, so that you immediately know where you stand. We also give you an indication of the costs, so you can inform the insurance company. We will then take care of the problem in the background and get your roof leak fixed as soon as possible.


What is roof leak?

We speak of a roof leak when visible damage occurs in your home, addition, canopy or shed, due to a defect in your roof (construction).

A roof leak can be identified by leak marks on your ceiling or moisture along the walls. To fix a roof leak, you must first investigate its location. This is often the most complicated part of a leak: after all, water rarely falls straight down.

Once the defect in the roof is located and we know where the leak is, it can be fixed quickly. This “speed” is of great importance: after all, a leak on your roof can cause considerable damage. Therefore, be sure to have your roof repaired whenever you suspect a leak. Or even better: have a roof inspection done regularly to prevent leaks as much as possible.


What are common causes of leaks?

An accident is in a small corner, and so a roof leak often starts in a small place. There are many different causes for a leak on your roof:

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1. Shifted roof tile

What we often see during a roof inspection is that a shifted tile causes leaks in the home. Despite the fact that roof tiles can generally take a beating, it can still happen that a tile shifts due to weather conditions or other outside influences. This can cause leaks.


2. Torn or loose lead flashing.

When there is a crack in the lead flashing, or it does not adhere properly to one of the roof sections, moisture can enter the home through the lead flashing. A defective lead flashing is also a common cause of leaks.

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3. Dirt blocking water flow

Dirt also often causes problems in and around the roof. A gutter with a lot of dirt in it blocks the flow and drainage of water, causing the water to look for another way out. It can then beat inward and cause a leak in the home.

In addition to these three common causes of roof leaks, we also often see leaks from old ridge vents and moisture and condensation problems. Leaks are best detected early with a roof inspection. If you suspect you are suffering from a leak, contact VIP Dakservice. We will come and perform an urgent inspection to find out where the root of the problem is.

Cost of a roof leak

When you have a leak through the roof, of course you would prefer to have it fixed as soon as possible. The cost of an emergency repair often varies between 250 and 400 euros.

Does the cause of the leak reach a little wider and cannot be fixed with an emergency repair? Then it’s time for a renovation of your roof. For a roof renovation it is difficult to name the costs offhand, because the costs depend on various factors such as surface area, type of roofing and desired solution.

Would you like to know the cost of a roof renovation? Then contact us and make an appointment. One of our roofers will visit you to determine what is needed. You will then receive a detailed cost estimate from us afterwards for the renovation of your roof.

Is a roof leak insured?

Do you have a roof leak and have damage to/in your home as a result? Then in many cases you are insured for this. A condition from the insurer is often that you maintain the roof properly.

Damage to your home, walls or a bulging floor is often covered by your building insurance. Did the roof leak cause damage to your possessions, for example to items stored in the attic? Then you can often recover this damage from your contents insurance.

What applies to you depends on how well you maintain your roof and how you are insured. It’s best to check this in your insurer’s policy.


Leakage at dormer window

It is also important to act quickly when your dormer leaks. The damage will quickly become expensive and it will take a lot of work to make everything tidy again. If you notice a leak at your dormer, contact us immediately for an emergency repair.

One of the common problems with dormers is a cracked lead flashing. This allows moisture from outside to come in easily. This causes unsightly leaks. By having a regular roof inspection, you can identify weak spots in the roof earlier. Especially if you have a dormer, it is advisable to have a check regularly.

Method of roof leakage

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1. Leak detection

We perform a roof inspection to locate the core of the leak. Photos are used to determine the cause of the leak. For a small leak, we do an emergency repair right away to fix the problem immediately.

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2. Quote

Following the inspection, we will provide a quote for the repairs needed to restore or repair your roof.

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3. Scheduling order

Following the inspection, we will provide a quote for the repairs needed to restore or repair your roof.

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4. Roof repair

The moment has arrived: the roofer goes up on the roof to make the repair and make sure you’re nice and dry again.


Why roofing contractor VIP Dakservice for roof leaks?

Roofing contractor VIP Dakservice stands out for experience, expertise and service. We have installed and renovated thousands of roofs and fixed many more leaks. At roofing contractor VIP Dakservice you also always deal with one contact person, for the inspection, but also for making a quotation and the final repair. We like short lines of communication and clear contact, so you simply have direct contact with the specialist who is going to take on your roof.

Benefits of VIP Dakservice:


We aim to perform within 24 hours, roof inspection with possible temporary emergency repair to prevent further damage


We perform a completely independent roof inspection


We perform emergency repairs from as little as 250 euros


You always get honest advice from a roofing specialist, not a salesman


Highest customer satisfaction in the region

Want to report a leak or get ahead of it? Then make an appointment for a roof inspection soon.

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