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Roof replacement or renovation

What to expect with roof renovation

Is your home several decades old or do you regularly suffer from leaks on your roof? If so, this could mean that you need to replace your roof. In addition, there are other reasons why your roof needs to be replaced. We often experience that people no longer like the tiles on their roof, want to insulate their roof better and therefore choose new roofing, or are going to invest in solar panels and therefore want to have new tiles laid first. Whatever the reason for your roof renovation, VIP Dakservice will always help you find the solution.


Cost of roof replacement

The cost and timeframe for replacing your roof is built up from several factors. For example, storm damage or large-scale leaks may mean that not only your roofing, but also the structure and/or insulation needs replacing. Is it a flat roof or a pitched roof? To name a few factors.

We understand that you would like an understanding of the cost of replacing your roof. To give you some idea, we have described below the various factors that affect the cost of your roof renovation. For a good indication and competitive quote, we are happy to come by for a free roof inspection so we can get a good idea of what needs to be done and show you a good guide price.


1. Roofing type

Of course, the type of roofing you want on your roof greatly affects the cost of replacing your roof. Do you have a roof with tiles? Then you’re in a different price range than a bitumen roof, for example. Even within the range of roof tiles, the differences in price are significant. Laying new roof tiles can be as little as 50 euros per m², assuming a roof where we can work with the current insulation and construction.

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2. Roof type

Related to the type of roofing, the type of roof also determines the cost of replacing your roof. A flat roof often needs different roofing than a pitched or sloped roof. The finish is also different and determines the cost. A flat roof is often covered with bitumen, also called roofing tar. Often, with roofing leather, another layer can be applied on top and the underlayment does not have to be removed first – saving time and therefore money. If there are already too many layers on the roof, they must first be removed and disposed of. Naturally, the converted m² price is then also higher than if we can lay over the existing layer.

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3. Area of the roof

The number of m² on your roof naturally also has a major impact on the cost when you have your roof installed. Obviously, the more m² your roof covers, the higher the cost of your new roof as well.

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4. Roof insulation

Does your roof also need to be insulated (again)? Then the costs for roof insulation will be added. Keep in mind that you can apply for a subsidy for roof insulation and get part of your investment back.


5. Roof construction

The roof structure is also an important factor in determining the cost of your new roof. When replacing a roof, it’s important to know whether we can build on the existing structure, or whether it needs to be renewed as well.


6. Additional components

Because we have all the expertise at VIP Roof Service, you can also have us install a dormer or skylight directly. This also affects the total cost of the project.

For a personalized quote, we are happy to go up on your roof. Using photos, we will show you the current state of your roof and whether it does indeed need to be replaced. We discuss your wishes regarding the type of roofing, colors, insulation and any additional components such as a skylight or dormer. We turn these ingredients into a quote, which gives you a clear understanding of the cost of your roof renovation.

Indication of the cost of the most common services:

Type of service

Average price per m²

Replacing roof tiles

From €50

Bitumen/roofing leather replacement

From €60

Installing roof insulation

From €45 flat roof €65 pitched roof

When do you replace your roof?

Many people wonder what is the appropriate time to replace your roof. Or rather, how long they can put off replacing their roof. And that’s not surprising, because replacing your roof is sometimes quite an expense. Are you suffering from a roof leak, are some tiles crooked or do you feel like the roofing is showing some wear and tear? We’ll quickly find out during an annual roof inspection. In many cases, one of these reasons is not a direct reason to have your roof replaced.

Do you often suffer from leaks, are your tiles outdated, does moss remain on your roof or are you considering solar panels but your roof will be written off in three years? Then it may be wise to replace your roof now.

Our roofers always give honest advice. Like you, we want to postpone renewing your roof as long as possible if we think your current roof is still in excellent condition. We therefore recommend an annual roof inspection to detect weak spots in your roof in time. This way you can prevent leaks and extend the life of your roof.


What is a roof renovation or replacing your roof?

Roof renovation and replacing your roof often boil down to the same thing. A roof renovation involves reusing parts that can be reused and replacing unusable parts. When replacing your roof, all the old materials are removed and rebuilt with new materials. In older homes, renovations are more common to maintain the characteristic look.

Our process for replacing a roof

Is your roof really in need of replacement or would you just like to give your home a different look? A different type of roof tile can make a lot of difference in the look. We would be happy to help you in all the possibilities. You can expect the following from us:


1. Discuss requirements

Some requirements are already made for you because, for example, you have a flat roof, you can’t put a tile on that because of the weight and precipitation. With a low pitched roof you can, and we help explain all the options so you can make a sound choice. We give advice and at our main location in Hedel you can also view materials in our showroom. The personal advice will help you know which equipment has the longest lifespan and fits your home best. Which materials are more reliable and which are less so. For example, choosing the type of roofing may be easy, but it may also be time to think about roof insulation. And maybe you’ve always wanted a dormer or skylight. In addition, we measure the number of square meters for your new roof and take into account in the quote any obstacles that might make the implementation a little less easy, such as a chimney. Because we have all the expertise in-house, you won’t need other professionals for the realization of your project.


2. Roof Inspection

A roof inspection can also be the first step, to determine if replacing your roof is necessary and in what time frame. It is also necessary to look at the quality of your roof construction. We can always make an indicative quote, but before we schedule the actual job, we always come by to measure the roof exactly and check for surprises such as rotten parts of the rafter roof. That way you will never be faced with unexpected costs.

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3. Quotation

Based on your choices, the number of square meters and any additional requirements, we can then prepare a quote. This quote is free and will be sent to you for you to review. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us and we will adjust the quotation if necessary.

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4. Scheduling assignment

After agreeing to the quote, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to replace your roof. We take into account all schedules and the time we need to install your roof. We plan 3 months ahead and smaller jobs such as tile replacement (just removing the tiles and placing the roof) can often be scheduled on shorter notice.

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5. Execute assignment

At the appointed time, we will be at your doorstep to take the roof off. The roof comes off and, fortunately, a beautiful roof takes its place afterwards.


6. Evaluation

When the project is completed, we take time for an evaluation. We show with the help of photos how the roof was constructed. These photos are also shared with the customer. How did you experience the entire process, are you satisfied and are there any areas of improvement for us? We also always ask if you would like to share your experience for our future customers.


Why roofing contractor VIP Dakservice to replace your roof?

Roofing contractor VIP Dakservice is distinguished by experience, expertise and service. We have replaced thousands of roofs, we are happy to take the worry out of your hands by taking everything from the gutter down.

Having a roof replaced or renovated by VIP Dakservice is a good idea for several reasons:


Competent and reliable advice in material and possibilities


10-year warranty on the project when renovating a roof


Depending on material up to 30 years manufacturer's warranty


Fair prices


Small team with experienced roofing specialists


High customer satisfaction

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