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Chimney renovation

Maintenance, renovation or removal of your chimney

The chimney provides an iconic look for your home but in most cases no longer serves a function. Still, many people don’t want to part with it and we are regularly asked to renovate the chimney. Do you also have a chimney that could use some maintenance or renovation? We would be happy to come to your home for a free roof inspection to assess the current condition of your chimney and see if any weak spots have developed.


Chimney renovation or repair

The chimney is essentially an open connection between the outside air and the inside of your home. This makes it the ideal place for moisture. Therefore, when we maintain roofs, we always include the chimney and study it thoroughly. We look to see if it is becoming porous, assess the joints, and look for any contamination. We take photos that show our findings to you as well and can use them to demonstrate if a renovation may be necessary.

The difference between a chimney renovation and a repair is that there does not necessarily need to be damage or leakage in the case of a renovation, while this is the case with a repair. Whether a renovation is necessary often becomes clear from the roof inspection. We will always show you why we would recommend this based on photos.

Are you curious about the condition of your roof and chimney? Then request a roof inspection from our roofer without obligation and find out immediately.

Chimney removal

Does your roof have a chimney that is no longer in use and therefore costs more money for maintenance and the like annually than it produces? Then it is not surprising that you are considering having your chimney removed. We are often asked at VIP Dakservice to remove the chimney directly when we go up on the roof to replace the roof. This is of course an ideal moment, but even when your roof is not yet due for replacement and your roof tiles can last for years, we are able to remove your chimney.


Various chimney caps

Chimney caps often give the chimney a more elegant look, but they also serve a function: keeping out water, dirt, or birds. Chimneys are the perfect place for birds to build nests. That’s why there are special chimney caps designed to prevent this from happening in your chimney. When we go up on your roof to repair or renovate your chimney, we can of course also install (or renew) a chimney cap.

Chimney renovation costs

The costs of chimney renovation depend on a number of factors. The condition of the chimney is a determining factor, as is what needs to be replaced. A typical chimney renovation starts at € 800.

For a good estimate of the exact costs, it is important for us to see the situation in person during a free and non-binding roof inspection. We will then create a personal quote and show you with the help of photos on which we base our advice. This way you can be sure that you will always receive an honest price and advice.


Our approach to chimney renovation

Whether you want to have your chimney renovated, removed, or repaired, VIP Dakservice has the expertise to do it for you.

You can expect the following from us:


1. Roof inspection

During the roof inspection, we will inspect the condition of the chimney and the rest of the roof. Important parts of the chimney inspection are the joints and the pollution. We will take photos and include you in our advice.


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2. Quotation

Based on the advice, we can then prepare a custom quote. This quote is non-binding and we will send it to you so you can review it at your leisure. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will make any necessary adjustments to the quote.


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3. Scheduling assignment

After you approve the quote, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to perform the work around your chimney. We will take into account all schedules and the time we need to complete your project.



4. Performing assignment

We are now starting the work. We work professionally, quickly, and clean up after the project is complete. After this, you can enjoy a problem-free chimney and a beautiful appearance.


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5. Evaluation

Once the project is complete, we will take the time for an evaluation. How did you experience the process? Are you satisfied? Are there any areas for improvement? We also always ask if you would be willing to share your experience with our future customers.



Why roofing contractor VIP Dakservice to renovate your chimney?

At VIP Dakservice, we have a lot of experience with chimney renovations, a specialized project. We work skillfully and neatly, with thousands of complete roofs to our name, we are the party for this project.

Reasons to choose VIP Dakservice for renovating your chimney:



Quotation process by performing roofing specialists


Specialist knowledge


10-year warranty


Fair prices


High customer satisfaction

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