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Install a skylight

What to consider when installing or replacing a skylight

Are you planning a renovation that will provide the spaces under your roof with more daylight and ventilation? Or do you have bedrooms under your roof with a skylight that needs replacing? At VIP Roof Service, we install new skylights or replace your existing skylight, in most cases within a few hours. Do you currently have a skylight in a room and would you like to replace it with a larger window? We can do that for you too. Make an appointment for a free roof inspection and discover the possibilities for your skylight. We can deliver the most popular brands, such as Velux and Ubbink skylights. Make an appointment for a free roof inspection and discover the possibilities for your skylight.


Choosing a new skylight

If you want to install a skylight, you have many choices. There are actually three main categories:

Standard pivot skylight

A standard skylight is a skylight that most people are familiar with. The window is mounted in the center of the frame and tilts over that point. This causes the top of the window to fall inward and the bottom of the window to go outward. 

Expansion window

A casement window (also known as a tilt-and-turn window) is a window that is hinged at the top. To open the window, you push the bottom of the window outward. This allows the window to open fully and ventilate the room.

Skylight with raised tilt-turn mechanism

In a skylight with a raised tilt axis, the window is mounted higher in the frame. When you open the window, the part of the window that falls inwards is significantly smaller than with a standard tilt skylight.

In addition to the type of skylight, it is also good to think about the material of the window. Will you go for a skylight with wooden frames or choose a plastic skylight? Many of our customers who choose a wooden skylight are mainly charmed by the appearance of a wooden skylight. A plastic skylight has the big advantage that it is less maintenance-intensive.


Last but not least, the size of the skylight is important. How big do you want the skylight? Do you choose one large or two smaller skylights? It can be difficult to determine the best solution for your room(s). Our experienced roof specialist can advise you or show you different situations from customers where we have installed skylights. This way, you can make an easier choice when choosing your new skylights.

Make an appointment for a free roof inspection where one of our specialists will go up on your roof to assess the situation and see what the possibilities are for your new skylight.

Costs of installing a skylight

The cost of installing a skylight is determined by a number of factors. As you can see above, there are a number of choices to make when choosing a new skylight. Each of these choices has a different price tag.

In addition, it also makes a difference if we need to replace an existing skylight or if we need to install a new skylight, which would require us to cut a hole in the roof.

This is why it is difficult to give an estimate without first assessing the situation. The cost of installing a skylight starts at €650 excluding VAT. To provide you with a more accurate estimate, we would be happy to come to your home to assess the situation and give you a good idea of the costs for your specific needs. We offer fair prices and do not have any hidden fees. This is what our customers appreciate about us and why they come to us. We will work with you to choose the materials, size, and brand of skylight that is right for you, but ultimately the decision is up to you.


Our method for installing a skylight

Do you want more natural light and ventilation in your attic? We would be happy to help you with a new skylight. Here’s what you can expect from us:


1. Roof inspection

Before installing a new skylight, it is important to inspect the current condition of the roof. Do any repairs need to be made to the existing roof structure? Is the roof suitable for a skylight? We can take care of the entire process of creating construction drawings, as we work with an architect. We are involved in advising on choices and listening to the customer’s wishes.


Offerte maken

2. Apply for a permit

In some cases, you may need a permit. We can apply for the permit for you or assist you in the process. You can also check yourself if a permit is required via the website of the environmental permit office.


Offerte maken

3. Quotation

Based on your choices, we can then draw up an offer. This offer is free and we will send it to you so you can review it at your leisure. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us and we can adjust the offer as needed.


Inplannen opdracht

4. Scheduling an assignment

After you accept the quotation, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to replace your roof. We will take into account all schedules and the time we need to install your roof.



5. Execute assignment

We will arrive at your door at the agreed time to go up on the roof. Most projects are completed within one day. We will leave everything neat and tidy.



6. Evaluation

Once the project is completed, we will take some time for an evaluation. How did you experience the entire process? Are you satisfied? Are there any areas for improvement? We also always ask if you would be willing to share your experience with our future customers.



Why choose roofer VIP Dakservice to install your skylight?

At VIP Dakservice, we specialize in the complete replacement of roofs. The placement of one or more skylights is also done in this way. No long waiting times, no more reason to postpone this project. Quickly benefit from all the comfort that a skylight offers you.

Reasons to choose VIP Dakservice when placing your skylight:


No long waiting times


Quotation process by the roof specialist, if applicable


10 year warranty


High customer satisfaction


Extensive experience with thousands of roofs

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