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Spruce roof

A common roof construction

The rafter roof is perhaps the most widely used roof structure in recent times. A rafter roof is also called a truss roof or truss roof. In a truss roof, wooden beams run – equally spaced – from the ridge to the gutter. These beams provide support for the roofing and actually bear the entire weight of the roofing. A rafter roof is a sturdy roof structure and is therefore very widely used.


Difference between spruce roof and purlin roof

There are two common roof structures: a rafter roof or a purlin roof. The rafter roof, as mentioned, is a roof structure where wooden beams run from the ridge to the gutter.

A purlin roof is a structure where the beams run in a horizontal direction from building wall to building wall. The beams that make up the structure bear down on the load-bearing walls. Load-bearing walls then bear the weight of the roof, so to speak.

Cost of a roof construction

When the roof structure needs replacement, the entire roof comes off and eventually a new roof needs to be put on (or you can still go ahead with your current tiles). With a job like this, it is difficult to determine the cost of just the roof structure. This depends on many different factors. Think of the area of your roof, the type of construction, but also whether the old insulation is still usable or whether it needs to be replaced. You may also need to hire an architect to draw up a blueprint.

That’s why we like to come by for a free roof inspection to take stock of the status of your roof, what can be reused and what really needs replacing. We’ll go up on your roof, show you the photos on which we base our recommendation, and provide you with a competitive and customized quote.


Roof insulation at a Spruce roof

One of the advantages of a rafter roof, compared to a purlin roof, is that with a rafter roof you can insulate with roof sheeting. A rafter roof is great for that. With a purlin roof, you first have to put rails over the purlins to be able to work with roof foil.

In addition, at VIP Dakservice we work with roofing sheets that are specifically designed for a rafter roof. These are sheets that are placed horizontally on top of the rafter roof. The installation of this roof insulation is not labor intensive, so we are able to insulate your roof very quickly. In addition, the roof boards have the advantage of being waterproof.

If you would like to know more about the insulation of your roof, our roofers will be happy to tell you more!

Our method of making a roof construction

Is your roof construction really in need of replacement? If so, we would be happy to help you get a new rafter roof. You can expect the following from us:


1. Roof inspection urgent

At VIP Dakservice, we always start by looking at the current roof or if it is not there yet, the building plans. What is the condition, what does the roof structure look like, does it really need replacement? What is the best, most durable and practical solution for your roof? Then we can make a thorough quotation based on what needs to be done. If the old tiles are retained, only the re-laying of the tiles will be included in the calculation. You will receive an advice with an accompanying quotation for the rafter cap, roofing and insulation. We can also discuss additional wishes such as the installation of a dormer window. Because we do everything ourselves, you will immediately have a complete picture of the costs.

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2. Permit application

In all situations you are required to obtain a permit. You report the new building plans to the environment counter. We can do this for you.

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3. Quote

Based on the construction drawing we can then prepare a quotation. This quote is free and will be sent to you for you to review at your leisure. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us and we will adjust the quotation if necessary.

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4. Scheduling assignment

After agreeing to the quote, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to replace your roof structure. We will take into account all schedules and the time we need to install your rafter roof and any additional components of the roof.


5. Carrying out assignment

At the appointed time, we will be at your doorstep to get to work. Our roof specialists work through almost all weather conditions and always clean up the site at the end of the day.


6. Evaluation

When the project is completed, we take time for an evaluation. We show with the help of photos how the roof was constructed. How did you experience the entire process, are you satisfied and are there any areas of improvement for us? We also always ask if you would like to share your experience for our future customers.


Why roofing contractor VIP Dakservice to replace your roof construction?

At VIP Dakservice, we have all the expertise to deliver a total project. We can make everything from the gutter beautiful and skillful. Because of this, you will always have a total picture of your costs.

Reasons to choose VIP Dakservice when replacing your roof construction:


All knowledge under one roof


Quotation process by performing roofing specialists


Fair prices


10-year warranty on the completed project


High customer satisfaction

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