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Replacing roof tiles

Understanding the different options and additional costs

When your roof tiles need replacement, you are looking for a reliable party who can help you replace the tiles on your roof. VIP Dakservice has years of experience and can give you excellent advice on the best choice for you. We will also let you know immediately what the cost of replacing your roof tiles will be.


Cost of roof tile replacement

Replacing your roof tiles obviously involves costs. If you go on the Internet to orient yourself, you will see many different prices there as well. And that is not surprising, because the cost of new roof tiles depends on several factors. The type of roof tiles and the number of square meters, for example.

Often costs are named per square meter. This way – when you know how many m2 your roof covers – you can get an indication of the costs yourself. Still, you can’t rely too much on that, because every roof is different and may need different attention.

At VIP Dakservice we make a customized quote. We do this after a moment of contact and a visit to your home (or business premises). We discuss the possibilities and show you the different types of roof tiles. We can then also immediately tell you the pros and cons of the different tiles and advise you what is best in your situation.

The cost of replacing roof tiles starts at € 50,- per m² excl. VAT and can reach up to € 140,- per m². The costs depend largely on the choice of roof tiles. Not only are the costs per tile important, but also the size of the tiles plays a role. The larger the roof tile, the fewer roof tiles you need per square meter and therefore the faster a square meter is laid. This price does not include any roof insulation. Again, prices for roof insulation vary greatly and also depend on the method of insulation. To get a good idea of the cost of replacing your roof tiles, it is best to contact us and ask for a quote.


Different types of roof tiles

There are an awful lot of different roof tiles available on the market. Actually, there are only two different types of roof tiles: ceramic ash tiles and concrete roof tiles.

Ceramic roof tiles

Ceramic roof tiles are known for their longevity. The ceramic roof tile lasts about 60 to 80 years and comes in different types, colors and sizes. The cost of ceramic roof tiles varies widely because the sizes vary a lot, which means you need a lot of tiles per square meter for some types. VIP Dakservice can offer most ceramic roof tiles for € 70-85 per m² excluding VAT. The best known and widely used ceramic roof tiles are the monier roof tiles.


Concrete roof tiles

Concrete roof tiles we know as the “cheap” roof tiles. These tiles are often cheaper than ceramic tiles, because they are larger in size and therefore require less per square meter. For a square meter of concrete roof tiles you pay an average of € 50-65 excl. VAT. Concrete roof tiles last about 40 years.

A well-known model is the fast roof tile. But we also regularly work with other
models, such as the S-pan, Finkenberger roof tile and the fast deck neroma (which is no longer made nowadays). These tiles are all the same size, but differ in shape. In general, concrete roof tiles are the easiest tiles to work with.

Replacing Roof Tiles for under 6000,- incl. VAT

Avoid surprises later, with this action we agree on a fixed amount for replacing your roof tiles.

What do we do for this action?

  • Removal and disposal of old tiles
  • Check the battens and replace wood rot if necessary
  • Placing a ridge beam construction for fixing the ridge forks
  • Installation of roof tiles (color of your choice)
  • Placing ventilating lower frost for the ridge tiles
  • Emptying the gutters
  • Leaving project tidy (waste we take away)

View the action conditions here:

  • The action price is € 5998.60 incl VAT for a terraced house for concrete roof tiles. The surcharge for ceramic tiles is €1450.
  • The roof does not exceed 100 square meters.
  • The roof does not contain roof tile fittings such as gable tiles or chaperone tiles
  • For corner houses there is an extra charge of €500.
  • There must be enough space around the house to place a ladder elevator, container and
  • Are you interested in this promotion? Then get in touch, and we’ll schedule an appointment to come see your roof and discuss further details.
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What are the best roof tiles?

You can’t really speak of “the best roof tiles. Roof tiles are designed to protect your home from outside influences and withstand all kinds of weather conditions. So in that sense, you can’t say that one tile is “better” than another. However, ceramic tiles do last longer than concrete tiles.

The most well-known brands at the moment are Koramic and BMI Monier, but through our regular suppliers we can supply any roof tile you want. In our tune-up, we’ll advise on the options and what would best suit your home.

Do you need a permit to replace roof tiles?

Replacing roof tiles for another tile is permit-free, this falls under maintenance. An environmental permit is not required as soon as the new roof tiles match in shape, profile and appearance. You may also change the color without a permit. Because the type of roofing is described in your environmental permit, it is advisable to consult the municipality in the case of drastic changes (such as a change from thatch to tiles) as to whether a new permit is required.

How long does roof tile replacement take?

How long it takes to replace roof tiles depends on several things: is the roof structure still good, what kind of tiles are on it and how big is your roof, just to name a few.

For a mid-terrace house where the roof structure is still OK, our team can replace your tiles within a day. If you have additional requirements, such as the installation of a skylight or dormer, then replacing your roof tiles will take a little longer.

How often should you replace roof tiles?

Roof tiles can last between 40 to 80 years without any problems. The difference is caused by the material, weather conditions and roof construction. It is therefore impossible to say unequivocally how often you should replace your roof tiles. Are you in doubt because they are very discolored and you wonder if they are also broken, or do you suspect a leak? Do you have a lot of moss on your roof, the moisture it causes the tiles to retain can cause them to break when it freezes. Schedule a free roof inspection and find out right away if your tiles need to be replaced or if they will last a while longer. It’s hard to see with the naked eye, but with our special equipment we can accurately estimate the remaining life of your roof tiles.


Our method of roof tile replacement

Is your roof really in need of replacement and are you open to renewing your roof? If so, we would be happy to help you get a new roof. You can expect the following from us:


1. Options

It starts with a lot of options, choices that you have to make yourself (but in which we can advise you if desired). Choices include the type of roof tile, the material, any extra parts such as a dormer, roof insulation or an extra skylight. We also measure the square meters of your roof.

Offerte maken

2. Quote

Based on your selections and square meters, we can then prepare a quote. This quote is free and will be sent to you for you to review. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us and we will adjust the quotation if necessary.

Inplannen opdracht

3. Scheduling assignment

After agreeing to the quote, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to replace your roof. We will take into account all schedules and the time we need to install your roof.

Uitvoeren opdracht

4. Implementation of assignment

At the appointed time, we will be at your doorstep to take the roof off. The roof will come off (and fortunately, a beautiful new roof will take its place afterwards).


5. Evaluation

When the project is completed, we take time for an evaluation. We show with the help of photos how the roof was constructed. These photos are also shared with the customer. How did you experience the entire process, are you satisfied and are there any areas of improvement for us? We also always ask if you would like to share your experience for our future customers.


Why roofing contractor VIP Dakservice to replace your shingles?

At VIP Dakservice, we get great joy from replacing roof tiles. Because of our
experience with thousands of roofs, we excel at this. We are fast and knowledgeable, so sometimes you can have a beautiful new tile roof in just one day. A sleek, beautiful, new tile roof gives your home a completely new look.

Reasons to choose VIP Dakservice when replacing your roof tiles:


No long waiting periods


Quotation process by performing roofing specialists


30-year warranty from the manufacturer on the new roof tiles against frost resistance


10-year warranty on the project when renovating roof tiles


High customer satisfaction


Roof tile replacement has been the specialty of VIP roofing service for years.

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