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Roofer Breda

Craftsmanship to unprecedented heights

Do you need a new roof, urgent roof repair, or roof inspection in the Breda area? Then you are at the right place at VIP Dakservice. With professional roofers and experience on the most diverse roofs, from roof renovations, roof maintenance to the construction of completely new roofs, you can expect craftsmanship to unprecedented heights from us. We will professionally arrange everything from the gutter up for you.


Roof maintenance in Breda

For reliable roof maintenance, an annual roof inspection is recommended. This will help you identify weak spots in your roof in a timely manner and can often prevent roof leaks. This will also help prevent further damage.

In the event of a roof leak or other defect in your roof, it is difficult to determine the amount of work and cost of the roof repair or renovation from a distance. That is why we always start with a roof inspection. This is done in a professional and comprehensive manner. We also always take photos on the roof so that we can show you what we have found and we take you along in our honest advice.

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Visit our main location in Hedel

Do you want to be inspired by all the possibilities for replacing or renewing your roof? We have a lot of photos of projects, but we can also show you everything at our location. We have all possible materials: from roof tiles to bitumen. There are also many options for insulating your roof, which can also be viewed in our showroom. This way, you have a complete overview of the possibilities that you can view at your own leisure. Is it difficult to come to our showroom? Then we will simply take the items you are unsure of and show them to you at home!

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Why roofing contractor VIP Dakservice for roof repairs in the Breda area?

VIP Dakservice is a roofing company in Breda that distinguishes itself through experience, expertise, and service. We have installed hundreds of roofs throughout the Netherlands and have repaired more than a thousand leaks. Not to mention the number of leaks we have been able to prevent. In addition, at VIP Dakservice, you always have one point of contact, for the inspection, but also for making an offer and the final repair, renovation, or replacement of your roof. We like short lines and clear communication, so you have direct contact with the specialist who will go up on your roof.

Advantages of VIP Dakservice Breda:


We have various techniques and materials available to detect leaks


We perform a completely independent roof inspection


We perform roof repair from as little as 250 euros


You always get honest advice from a roofing specialist, not a salesman


We will help you get photos and documentation to apply for reimbursement from your insurer


Highest customer satisfaction in the Breda region

Do you need a roof inspection by a roofer in Breda?

Are you from Breda and do you suspect a leak or other defect in your roof? VIP Roofing would be happy to provide you with a free quote after a free roof inspection. We will thoroughly examine your roof and take photos for the insurance and for you. We will then provide an independent advice with a corresponding free quote. This way you know what to expect and what you can still expect. We do not charge travel costs, so you only start paying when we actually start the assignment.

At a roof inspection, we conduct a thorough investigation of your roof. Common outcomes of a roof inspection are:

  • Advice to replace the entire roof
  • Advice to replace or renovate a part of the roof, such as a skylight, dormer, roof trim, chimney, or roof overhang
  • Replacement of a few roof tiles and parts of the roof structure
  • Replacement of roofing, such as parts of bitumen
  • If we see a roof leak during the inspection, we can always carry out an emergency repair within 24 hours to temporarily fix the leak. However, a final (partial) replacement will then be the advice.

For all inspection outcomes, you will receive a free quote from us with a cost overview and photos. This way you can make an informed decision and consult with your insurance.

Do you have a roof leak in the Breda area?

Do you suspect a leak in your roof? Then contact our roofing company in the Breda region immediately. We will try to be on site within 24 hours to perform a temporary emergency repair if necessary. We only do this if it is really necessary to prevent further damage, this of course goes in good consultation and the costs are often between 250-400 euros. Then you have more time to think about a solid solution and contact your insurance company.

Do you want to replace your roof or renovate it?

The roofers at VIP Dakservice in the Breda area are happy to help you replace your roof, whether it is made of bitumen, POCB, tiles, or thatch. Your first meeting with us will be with the project manager and most experienced roofer (owner), and can be done by phone or email. We can schedule an appointment immediately over the phone. If you would like to know more about the costs of replacing or renovating your roof first, please schedule an appointment to request a quote.

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