Understanding different options and costs

Roofing is a material used to ensure the waterproofing of your roof. When you think of roofing replacement, you think of VIP Dakservice. You can come to us to replace your tiles, bitumen, thatched roof or replace your entire roof.

Is your roofing in need of replacement or are you just ready for something new or a different look? VIP Dakservice is an experienced roofing specialist where not only your roof is in good hands, we also like to think along in a suitable solution at a fair price. Wondering what you can expect from our roofers? Contact us without obligation.



What is the best roofing?

If you look at longevity, convenience, degree of maintenance and method of installation, ceramic roof tiles are the best roofing material for a pitched roof. This is most common in the Netherlands for good reason. Dutch roofs are most characterized by gabled roofs. These sloping parts define the look of your house and therefore you want to finish them nicely.

Roof tiles have a sleek, beautiful look that completes your home. They protect your home from all weather conditions. Roof tiles come in different shapes, types and sizes, so there is the perfect tile for everyone’s taste.

For flat roofs, bitumen is the best roofing material; it is applied by our specialists and has a long lifespan. On bitumen you can walk and the quality remains stably good, it requires little maintenance. In addition, maintenance is easy because in case of leakage you can flow new parts on it.


Flat or pitched roof and type of roofing material

The choices in type of roofing depends on the type of roof you have. A flat roof has different options, including when it comes to insulating a roof. A flat roof means a horizontal roof with a slope between 2 and 15 degrees, and sloping (from 15 degrees) means a pitched roof. The options depend mainly on whether a the roof area is flat or sloped. A flat roof has fewer options because it is more difficult for water to drain away. The options for getting more light are also more limited to just a skylight or skylight. On a sloped roof, all options are possible, only bitumen or roofing leather make less sense because the look is less attractive.

What factors determine the type of roofing?

1. Type of roof

The most determining factor in the type of roofing is whether you have a pitched or a flat roof. Thereby, the most common choice is tiles for a pitched roof and bitumen for a flat roof.

2. Cost of roofing

Choosing your roofing material also depends, of course, on how much you have to spend. With all materials, you have different price ranges. For example, concrete roof tiles are considerably cheaper than ceramic tiles certain due to the shorter lifespan. We work with products that have a good price-quality ratio.

3. Appearance of house

With a flat roof this is less of an issue, then you can invest more in a nice roof molding. Pitched roofs in particular very much define the character of your home. Smooth finished ceramic roof tiles are tremendously sleek on a modern home.

4. Lifetime

Longevity can vary greatly in the type of roofing materials. Although you expect certain materials to last a lifetime, that is by no means always the case. Your roof catches all kinds of weather and that is a big burden in the Netherlands. Whatever material you choose, the lifespan depends on good quality materials and professional installation. With VIP Dakservice you don’t have to worry about these components.


What is the cost of roofing?

The cost of roofing your roof depends on several factors and varies from one roof to another. To give an indication, we offer all costs in the table below. For a specification we ask you to contact us. One of our roofers will visit you and make a free quote after roof inspection.

Roofing Sloping roof

Cost per m2 ex. VAT


Roof tiles concrete

from € 50

40 years

Roof tiles ceramic

from € 70

60 to 80 years


from € 65

25 to 100 years


from € 70

30 to 35 years

Green roof (Sedum roof)

from € 40

50 to 70 years

Zinc roofing

from € 90

70 to 100 years

Roof Sheets

from € 20

20 to 50 years

Roofing Flat roof

Cost per m2 ex. VAT


Bitumen roofing

from € 60

25 to 40 years

EPDM roofing

from € 60

30 to 50 years

PVC roofing

from € 50

15 to 40 years

*The cost depends on the material with associated life span and type of assembly.


Roof shapes

There are a few typical roof shapes in the Netherlands and Belgium. Each type of roof shape has different components to consider when doing roofing work. The roof shapes affect the possible roof covering, not so much because of the shape but because of the degree of slope. VIP Roofing Service is the specialist for shingles, bitumen or roofing leather and parts of your roof. The shape only affects the cost because there is extra work in the finishing.

The most common roof shapes in the Netherlands are:

1. Saddle roof

The most common type of roof in the Netherlands and Belgium. The roof consists of two equal roof parts sloping against each other. If the roof parts are not equal, we speak of an asymmetrical or lame gable roof. The most commonly used roof insulation for the gable roof is plastic insulation boards because they are easy to apply to the rafters. The most commonly chosen roofing material is tile. Ceramic roof tiles last 60 to 80 years.


2. Mansard roof

In a mansard roof, the lower section is steeper than the upper section up to the ridge. The roof has pitched roof planes with steep and less steep sections. This is also called broken roof or French cap. On the less steep portion, shingles are most commonly used for this type of roof. It is sometimes questionable whether the roof tiles can be placed on the very steep sections due to the degree of slope. Therefore, roofing sheets are sometimes used here.


3. Shield roof

In a hipped roof, four roof planes come together. The roof shape resembles a gable roof, only you have four roof planes instead of two. This creates more space so you are less likely to see other roof components like a dormer in these roofs. Additionally, installing new shingles becomes a little more costly because you need more ridge forks to cover the eaves. Also, for the hipped roof, the tile is the most commonly used roofing material because of its slope. With the lifespan of the tiles, this is not surprising.


4. Flat roof

Flat roofs are common in apartments, sheds, extensions or certain residential areas. They are easy to construct and provide more living space, but require more maintenance because the flat roof absorbs all weather conditions. A slope is always needed for water drainage, which is why a flat roof always has a slope of at least 2 degrees. With a flat roof, the roof tile is dropped as an option. These cannot be laid on roof battens and with no slope, they will blow off the roof. Bitumen is the most commonly used roofing material for a flat roof.


What components determine the cost of roofing?

Once you’ve decided on a type of roofing, there are other components that will determine the cost of your roofing. Schedule a free and
no-obligation roof inspection so we can look at your roof and give you an exact quote.

Keep in mind that the following components will have an impact on determining the cost:

  • Can the roofing be installed immediately or does the old roofing need to be removed first? In the latter case, more man hours will obviously be required, which will add to the cost.
  • When replacing your roofing, it’s smart to replace or add roof insulation right away because your roof will be open. In some cases, this is also necessary because it in affected by a leak.
  • The total area expressed in square meters determines the cost. Roofing is calculated in price per square meter, and not in man-hours.
  • Hard-to-reach roofs require additional work because certain scaffolding must be installed.
  • Additional components also affect the cost such as a dormer, skylight, cornices, skylights, ridge vents and chimneys
  • Bij het maken van een nieuwe dakconstructie zoals een gordingenkap of sporenkap.
  • When making a new roof structure such as a purlin or rafter roof.
  • If permits still need to be applied for if an architect is needed to make a drawing of the roof.

Our approach to roofing replacement

Is your roof really in need of replacement and are you open to renewing your roof? If so, we would be happy to help you get a new roofing system. You can expect the following from us:


1. Roof inspection

At VIP Roof Service, we always start by looking at the current roof. What is the condition, what does the roof structure look like, are there any weak spots in the roof or even leaks? Then we can provide a thorough quote based on what needs to be done. Choosing the specific roofing material will then follow in consultation. We advise on the possibilities and of course leave the choice up to you.

Offerte maken

2. Visit headquarters in Hedel

The moment you start choosing the specific color or material, it is nice to see it in real life as well. You can get inspired at our headquarters in Hedel. But at VIP Dakservice we like to offer service and are also happy to come home with the materials to show you the options with the roof and your bricks.

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3. Quote

Based on your choices and the number of square meters, we can then prepare a quotation. This quotation is without obligation and will be sent to you so that you can review it at your leisure. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us and we will adjust the quotation if necessary.

Inplannen opdracht

4. Scheduling assignment

After agreeing to the quote, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to replace your roof. We will take into account all schedules and the time we need to install your roof.

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5. Carrying out assignment

At the appointed time, we will be at your doorstep to take the roof off. The roof will come off (and fortunately, a beautiful new roof will take its place afterwards).

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6. Evaluation

When the project is completed, we take time for an evaluation. We use photos to show you how the roof was constructed. How did you experience the entire process, are you satisfied, and are there any areas of improvement for us? We also always ask if you would like to share your experience, for our future customers.


Why roofing contractor VIP Dakservice to replace your roofing?

Because of our extensive experience with all types of roofing, we can give you great advice and help with replacing your roofing. A sleek, beautiful, new tile or bitumen roof will give your home a completely new look.

Reasons to choose VIP Dakservice when replacing your roofing:


No long wait times


Quotation process by performing roofing specialists


Small close-knit team with experienced roofing specialists


Experience in all types of roofing


High customer satisfaction


25-year manufacturer's warranty


10-year warranty on the completed project


Fair prices

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